DPG Symposium “Correlative and in situ Microscopy in Materials Research”

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Quelle: WW9

The special symposium of “Correlative and in situ Microscopy in Materials Research”, held during 1-4.April as part of the annual spring meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG2019) in Regensburg, was co-organized by the head of the Institute of Micro- and Nanostructure Research (WW 9) Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker and Dr. Johannes Will under financial support from the DFG via the research training unit GRK 1896: “In situ Microscopy with Electrons, X-rays and Scanning Probes”.

Since March 2018, the GRK 1896 is in the second funding period, so that the symposium was an ideal place for the second-generation GRK students to present their research to an international audience including Prof. Dr. Karsten Albe, Prof. Dr. R. Bennewitz and Prof. Dr. G. Dehm, who are all members of the GRK 1896 advisory board. Moreover, the interdisciplinary approach of the symposium perfectly fitted to the research environment of the GRK 1896, which is part of the interdisciplinary Center for Nanoanalysis and Electron Microscopy at the FAU.

The four-day symposium featured 11 topical sessions, which were completed by international and invited speakers, as well as many of the PhD students supported by the GRK 1896. All talks were of high quality and often accompanied by lively discussions. The attendance topped around 200 people, never falling below 50. Although the international and invited speakers set a high bar, the GRK members were able to contribute on an equally high level. In addition, the conscientious preparation of the GRK students resulted in two poster prizes (out of a total of two in the section), which equals a 100% win rate within the metal and material physics DPG section. Congratulations Vaid Aviral and Birk Fritsch!