Prof. Boccaccini (WW7) elevated to Fellow of the Society of Glass Technology

Ein Mann schreibt in ein Buch
Prof. Boccaccini signing the book of SGT fellowsC.Brown

Prof. Boccaccini (head of the Institute of Biomaterials, WW7) attended the Annual Conference „Sand to Splendour“ of the Society of Glass Technology (SGT) in Cambridge, UK, where he was awarded the Fellowship of SGT.

Prof. Boccaccini presented the invited lecture „Bioactive glasses: from bone regeneration to wound healing“ at the Science Session of the Conference.

„I have been participating in numerous conferences organised by SGT for many years“, Prof. Boccaccini said, „and I have served in the SGT Basic Science and Technology Committee for more than 15 years. Indeed, I published one of my first papers (as PhD student, in 1995) in the SGT journal „Glass Technology“, so it is a real honor to have been recognised with the Fellowship of SGT, the prestigious Society serving the glass community for more than 100 years.“

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