WW Kolloquium: Dr. Christiane Stephan-Scherb - Corrosion meets advanced X-ray analytics - new approaches to answer old questions

Nov 29
29. November 2022 16:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr

Dr. Christiane Stephan-Scherb, Bundesamt für die Sicherheit der nuklearen Entsorgung, Berlin

„Corrosion meets advanced X-ray analytics – new approaches to answer old questions“

Material damage due to corrosion affects the safety of a wide variety of technical applications. At high temperatures, as soon as a reactive gas is in contact with a solid, physico-chemical processes at the alloy surface and interfaces lead to material degradation. The processes are dynamic and controlled by thermodynamic and kinetic boundary conditions. Whether a reaction product is protective or not depends on various factors, such as chemical composition of the solid and the reactive media, surface treatment as well as diffusion and transport paths of cations and anions. Even though high temperature corrosion has been widely and deeply studied, there are still questions that need to be answered to arrive at a sustainable use of our materials and resources while maintaining safety and reliability. For
example: What is the role of different oxidizing species (H2O, O2, SO2)? Or how can we tune the alloying constituents or application atmosphere to reduce material loss by corrosion?
In another context, corrosion is also a critical aspect for the safe long-term storage of high-level radioactive waste in deep geological repositories.
The talk will provide an overview of the challenges of understanding corrosion phenomena at high temperatures and other challenging atmospheres by presenting innovative approaches to analyze corrosion processes.